Bernard-Bonin Les Charmes-Dessus

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Domaine Bernard-Bonin is a rising star in Burgundy winemaking, a small family farm that has already become famous for white wines, which are increasingly found on the maps of top restaurants and bars from New York to Tokyo. The winery is run by a married couple Veronique Bernan-Bon and Nicolas Bernan. Veronik inherited the vineyards in 1998 from his mother, and the land allotment came from his father, who owned the economy of Domain Michelo. In the vineyards, the family uses an organic approach. Vines, if necessary, are treated with sulfur, but copper sulfate is never used. Vineyards of the Domain are located in different places, but experienced growers and winemakers Veronik and Nicolas know each of their plots as themselves, which allows them to achieve amazing results. They follow the time-tested traditions of viticulture, respecting the phases of the moon and using minimal interference in the cellar. Each wine of the Bernard-Bon Domain expresses an individuality derived from its terroir, varietal character and climatic changes of the year.

Domaine Bernard-Bonin, Meursault Premier Cru “Les Charmes-Dessus” – rich, serious, very beautiful natural white wine from Chardonnay grapes grown in Merceaux on the organic site of the Premier Cru class Le Charm-Dessou vineyard. Harvesting is done manually, at the Chardonnay winery extremely gently pressed to produce high-quality wort. After fermentation with natural yeast, the wine is aged for 19 months: 15 months in oak barrels, 4 months in steel tanks. Wine is bottled without purification or filtration in accordance with the lunar calendar.

Color: The wine is golden brown.
Nose: The beautiful aroma of the wine shows the tone of pear, lemon, white flowers, white pepper, butter and wax.
Palate: The taste of wine is very pleasant, serious, rich, with tones of lemon and minerals, balanced acidity and a long finish.

Food Pairing: The wine goes well with seafood, white meat, fish, pasta with cream sauce and soft cheeses.

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