Schloss Gobelsburg tradition 3 years

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SCHLOSS GOBELSBURG is one of the oldest wineries of Austria with a documented history back to 1171. Cistercian monks, originating in Burgundy, spreading all over Europe at that time, were donated their first vineyards in the Danube area, close to the village of Langenlois. The monks of the monastery have been working and tending the vineyards until 1995. Since then Eva & Michael Moosbrugger took over the responsibility for the heritage in managing the winery from 1996 on. “The primary goal is to preserve, develop and to be a custodian taking the culture of winemaking of Schloss Gobelsburg into a new generation.”

The estate is located in the Danube area – 45 min west of Vienna – and mainly produces wines showing the climate and geology of the area, staying true to the rich history of the estate. The main focus lies on the typical wines from the Danube appellations and classified vineyard sites.

On a sideway not less important Michael is taking care of winemaking philosophies based on the history of the tadition and estate. This is the fundament of the TRADITION wines, rendering homage to the winemaking philosophy of the early 19th century.

The TRADITION Heritage 3 years corresponds to the classic wine style in the 19th century. As stated in a celebration publication to the 50th jubilee of emperor Franz Joseph I as monarch of the the Austrian empire the maturation time for wines lasted for 3 years before being sold as vintage blends. Todays vinification follows the typicl techniques and thoughts of that times. After being harvested grapes are crushed, macerated for 10-18 hours, pressed with a basket press and fermented in a wooden cask without sedimentation. By racking the wine from cask to cask during the three year maturation for elevation and gaining aroma. It is also separated from the lees and clarified without filtration.

Constituent vintages: 2019 – 85% | 2017 – 5% | 2016 – 10%

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